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4 Ways to Celebrate Women’s History With Your Students Every Month

Take inspiration and ideas from awesome projects funded this year in celebration of Women’s History Month that honor women in history all year long.


Each March, schools and organizations across the country celebrate women’s contributions to history. From encouraging students to read literature by women authors, to teaching about unsung female scientific pioneers, teachers have the opportunity to uplift women’s history — vital to building strong citizens of all genders. But cheering on women’s contributions doesn’t need to end when the calendar turns to April!

We took a look at some of the awesome teacher projects funded this year in celebration of Women’s History Month, to give you inspiration and ideas for celebrating women in history all year long. Get inspired, and create your project!

Expand Your Classroom Library

Having classroom shelves filled with books written by and about incredible women is step 1 to creating a gender inclusive classroom. Biographies, novels, and everything in between will paint inspiring pictures showing students what girls and women can accomplish, and will give female students the chance to envision bold futures for themselves.

Mrs. Izzi, an elementary school teacher from Chicago, requested 17 new books for her classroom library and to read aloud with students. 

“Exposing my students to women in literature affirms their own beliefs that girls are capable of achieving great things and fosters positive thinking about women achievement.”

Mrs. Izzi

Looking for books by and about women to keep your readers engaged? Check out the blog post 15 Books by Women Authors to Celebrate Women in History with Your Students.

Girl watercoloring in a classroom

Help Students Express Themselves

Art and creativity are keys to unlocking new horizons for students and helping them think creatively about how they relate to the world. Whether helping students get hands-on and crafty, or using women’s history as a lens for painting class, teachers can tap their students’ creative verve to explore this topic.

Ms. B. wanted to give her high schoolers the tools to celebrate Women’s History and Gay Pride throughout their school. Instead of just encouraging students to use their voices, she gave students t-shirts and the tools to decorate them! 

In Atlanta, Ms. Pendergrass’ students developed their own project for community empowerment: Equity through Arts. Through the lens of Social Emotional Learning, students learn about women in history and their fight for equity. Then, students “create their own work of art that will reflect what was shared.”

Dive Deep into the Biographies of Incredible Women

No matter the subjects your students are most interested in, you can integrate women’s history by highlighting the biographies of women contributing to those subjects. 

Have a class full of young activists like Mrs. Sabrina Wright? Inspire them with the first-hand account of Ruby Bridges. Students digging deep into American political history like those of Ms. Ebonye? Ruth Bader Ginsburg bios are a must! And of course, Hidden Figures is the go-to for your young female scientists, just like for those in Mrs. Venable’s class.

2 girls in a science class with lab equipment

Integrate Women’s History into STEM

Women’s contributions span every subject! Examining the ways that women have innovated and contributed to STEM achievements can get young girls interested in the field.

Mrs. Saravia wanted her Texas elementary mathematicians to learn how women have contributed to math — stories often untold in both history and math class! She requested 10 books highlighting different women who’ve spurred mathematical innovation.

“My students need to see themselves as mathematicians, and learning about the path these mathematicians paved for us will be a great example for them.”

Mrs. Saravia

Want to give your students tools to dig even deeper into women’s contributions to STEM fields? Adapt a fellow teachers’ project integrating the IF/THEN Collection into learning for your classroom, and you could qualify for doubled donations. Get started.

Inspired to create a project? Get started today!

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