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5 Essential Moments to Post About Your DonorsChoose.org Project on Facebook


Did you know that in the last school year, DonorsChoose.org teachers raised over $15.7 million for their classrooms using Facebook?As the Social Media Manager for DonorsChoose.org, I think a lot about the best ways for teachers to use social media to share their classroom story with the world and bring in donations. Compared to Twitter or Instagram, there’s no competition: Facebook is by far the most effective social platform for teacher fundraising. We’ve put together a list of the five key moments in the life of a DonorsChoose.org project that you can shout out on Facebook to help reach your project goal, along with suggested language to make this as easy as ever. Just copy the language below, add your project title and link, and share away. It’ll take under a minute, teacher’s honor!

When You First Submit Your Project

The moment: You’ve written the project, found a photo, and our screeners are taking a look! It’s new, exciting, and one of the best times to post. (If it’s your first project and you have a promo code from us, be sure to share it here!)Suggested language: I just submitted a request for my students on DonorsChoose.org, a nonprofit that helps support public school teachers. Check it out: [YOUR PROJECT LINK].

When You Get a Donation

The moment: We’re big on gratitude, and sending a “thank you” to every donor is a great way to add some social proof that donating to your project is the right thing to do. Suggested language: Heartfelt thanks to [DONOR NAME] for supporting my students today! [YOUR PROJECT LINK]

When You’re Halfway There

The moment: Cue the Bon Jovi: You’re halfway there! Donors love to feel the momentum of a project, and this will let them know you are excited to hit that goal.Suggested language: My project on DonorsChoose.org is halfway to full funding. Only [DOLLAR AMOUNT] left to go! Thanks to everyone who’s supported my students so far. [YOUR PROJECT LINK]

If You Qualify for a Match Offer

The moment: Sometimes, you might find out that a company or foundation we work with has decided to match donations to your project. Hurray! Let everyone know that their donation can go twice as far.Suggested language: I just found out my request on DonorsChoose.org qualifies for a match offer. Yes! Every new donation will go twice as far. [YOUR PROJECT LINK]

When Your Project is Fully-Funded!

The moment: You did it! While we’re busy ordering and shipping your materials, take a minute to thank everyone who supported your classroom. They’ll be more likely to donate when you share your next project!Suggested language: Our DonorsChoose.org classroom project was fully funded! Thanks to all who supported my students. The resources are on their way! [YOUR PROJECT LINK]

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