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5 Reasons We Know Teachers Make Miracles


All December, we've been asking teachers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share their classroom miracles from the past year. What's a classroom miracle? We were looking for small moments of joy where a student reminds us all just why education is so critical. We know #TeachersMakeMiracles, but often these small stories are lost as we talk about the larger issues in the education system. Here are a few of those small miracles, and we hope your heart is warmed!

Mrs. Marciniack takes her class on an inspiring field trip

@DonorsChoose a trip to an assisted living home to read, sing, visit, & give homemade gifts; Empathy, love, patience, kindness. <3 beaming. pic.twitter.com/5Zi983c37u

— Team Paws (@MrsMarciniak) December 21, 2016

Ms. Cencibaugh-Jackson sees her students grow

Mrs. S shares the simple joy of a new group of awesome kids

Best thing? Awesome kids left in May and a new group of awesome arrived in August! @DonorsChoose

— Lyssareads (@lyssareads) December 17, 2016

Ms. Bartolomeo teaches one student the joy of music

Ms. Conliffe makes a difference in the life of a hospitalized student

@DonorsChoose A student in the hospital said she was happy that she had surgery because she got to have me teach her & to use a microscope

— LZC-NYCArt (@LauraConliffe) December 17, 2016

Have a story you'd like to share? Post it in the comments!

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