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5 Ways Our Partners Show They Believe in Teachers


When companies and foundations team up with DonorsChoose.org, teachers and students win. We work with hundreds of partners to bring your classroom projects to life — last school year, partners pitched in to help fund 70% of the funded projects on our site. Our partners come in all stripes. Some partners give locally, some to classrooms across the country. Some give to financial literacy projects, while others are dedicated to supporting STEM, sports, English Language Learners, and everything in between.Here are just a few ways our partners are helping teachers get the resources their classrooms.

Matching Donations to a Subject

Match offers are the bread and butter of partnerships at DonorsChoose.org. When your friends, family, or supporters donate to your project that qualifies for a match, our partners will double that donation (or sometimes triple or even quadruple it!). This back-to-school season, nearly a dozen corporations and foundations matched and multiplied donations to teachers’ classroom dreams. From Pearl Jam matching donations to projects that address homelessness, to the Biz and Livia Stone Foundation supporting projects about compassion towards animals, our partners love to express their passions by supporting you.

Matching Donations to a Specific Resource

When companies are excited to introduce a new learning tool to teachers, they come to DonorsChoose.org knowing that DonorsChoose.org teachers are already poised to innovate in the classroom. Last spring, Learning Resources helped bring Botley™ the Coding Robot to 460 classrooms across America by doubling individual donations to projects requesting these adorable educational robots. Teachers with robot-minded students — you’re in luck! When a match offer on a specific resource ends, that resource is still available through our vendors. (Check out Kaplan Early Learning for Botley™ the Coding Robot!)

Rally Their Audience

Some of our partners advocate for teachers by inspiring their audience to support classroom dreams. This past summer, NBC and Telemundo-owned stations in 20 markets across the US and Puerto Rico ran their second annual “Supporting our Schools” campaign, cheering on teachers and showing their audiences ways to get involved. Local stations encouraged their audiences to give back to local schools through DonorsChoose.org — over the course of July, viewers gave more than $84,000 bringing 434 classroom projects to life!

Researching Trends

Last year, PwC thought outside the philanthropic box. Instead of funding classroom projects directly, they helped to power a series of “philanthropic experiments,” helping us see trends in what teachers are asking for and how donors are giving. PwC set their summer interns on our data to spot these patterns, and then gave $500,000 to fuel tests so we can find new tactics to help even more resources get where they need to be. If you’ve run into our new teacher referral program — you’ve seen the results firsthand! And there’s even more happening behind the scenes to make sure your project has the best shot at success.

Empowering Customers to Give

Partners like Haggen Northwest Fresh and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf help their customers support teachers every time they make a purchase! Haggen Northwest Fresh, the Washington state based grocery chain, has given their shoppers the chance to donate to local Washington classrooms during the past three back-to-school seasons, bringing more than 700 projects to life since 2015. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (knowing how much teachers love coffee) created a special blend just to support education. Each time a customer bought the Bright Future Blend, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf donated a dollar to a classroom request near their stores.Thank you to all of our partners dedicated to ensuring students have the resources they need for a great education!Want to see if there are any partners looking to support your classroom? Check out our funding opportunities.

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