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Our 7 Favorite Moments from 2017’s #BestSchoolDay Celebration


At 7am last Wednesday, we kicked off a celebration of teachers that—in just 24 hours—would inspire over 20,000 donors to give over $2 million to support 11,000 classrooms. We're talking, of course, about #BestSchoolDay.We could write pages and pages about all of the incredible things that happened, but we know you don't have all day. That's why we picked out a few of the moments from #BestSchoolDay that gave us the most joy, like when...

The excitement began on #BestSchoolDay Eve


Our partners made sure every project had a #BestSchoolDay match


Mr. Avery got some hometown celebrities on board

https://twitter.com/johnkrasinski/status/708873802650877952NBC Boston even did a story to share the news!

Teachers got really, really excited


We heard your #BestSchoolDay stories on Facebook Live


You broke all of our records


The materials started to arrive

https://twitter.com/GeneinLetford/status/847924327974449152https://twitter.com/ShannonSzakal/status/848907592118263808How did you celebrate #BestSchoolDay? Share your story below!

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