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7 Moments Every DonorsChoose.org Teacher Should Seize


You know that finding supporters is one of the keys to a successful DonorsChoose.org project. But once you’ve told your friends and family about your classroom request, what else can you do? Here are seven important moments you can use to your advantage as a DonorsChoose.org teacher… and the shareable images to help you do it! Click on any of the images to download. These graphics are perfect for social media and can also be added to emails, flyers, newsletters—anywhere you want to promote your project. While there’s no substitute for a personal ask or thank-you, we hope these images will make a valuable addition to your fundraising toolbox. Use them when:

1. Your project goes live.

Kickstart your project

Yes! You stewed over an idea, created an engaging request, and now you receive that awesome "your project is posted" email. After letting your friends and family know, you take to social media to invite everyone else to the party.Not sure what to say? Post the image above with your project link to get those important early contributions.

2. You get a donation.

Build on momentum

You responded to your latest donation with a heartfelt “thank you”. Now, build on that momentum with this graphic and a shout-out to your donor: “Thanks to my buddy Steve for supporting my classroom! Here’s how you can help, too.” (Don’t forget to include your project link.) Each donation is a chance for your project to gather steam.

3. You’re halfway to the finish line.

My_project_is halfway_there

Halfway to your goal? This graphic is yours for the sharing. Though not every moment is so Bon Jovi-friendly, any project milestone is a perfect occasion to tell your network the exciting news and let them know how they can support you.

4. You’re thiiiiiiiiis close to reaching your goal.

Final funding push

Donors love completing projects. Give your classroom request one last push to the finish line: "My classroom project is almost funded. Help me bring it home!"

5. Your project is about to expire.

Time is running out

The bad news: Your project is nearing its expiration date and you’re feeling a little nervous. The good news: You can tap into that sense of urgency when you email potential donors. Then, take to your social media channels with the above graphic and a clear message: “A lot can happen in 24 hours. Please help my students!”

6. You just plain feel like it.

Ask for support on your time

Checking on your project? Feeling invigorated from a productive day in the classroom? Celebrating a personal milestone? Seize the moment to post about your students and your request. Your energy will shine through.

7. You reach your project goal. (Huzzah!)

Share your excitement image 2

Teachers and donors alike come to DonorsChoose.org for one reason: to make a difference in the lives of students. Let your contributors know that they’ve made a difference to yours. The gratitude you express builds momentum for your next project and forges a strong connection with the people who have supported your classroom. You care about your students, and so do they. That calls for a celebration. May we suggest the graphic above?Click any of the images in this article to download... and don’t forget to include your teacher or project page link when you share. Happy posting!(BONUS! If your project qualifies for LIFTOFF or a partner match offer, make sure to tell your supporters via email and with the additional images found here.)Got questions? We've got answers.

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