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A Big Thank You to Bing for a Great 2010!


As part of their education initiative, Bing launched some very innovative campaigns during 2010 that helped more than 500,000 students in every state in the country. On behalf of all of those students, we thank Bing for such an amazing commitment to our future leaders.Here are some of our favorite highlights from the year:

  • Earth Day Photo Contest: The first program Bing and DonorsChoose.org collaborated on in 2010, this contest encouraged kids to go outside with a camera and capture the beauty of the natural world! Together with Bing, participants helped generate over $110,000 to classrooms in need, and the winning picture was featured on the Bing homepage for Earth Day.
  • Teacher Appreciation: Who doesn’t love appreciating a teacher? Especially when it means bringing more than $200,000 in funding to teachers all across the U.S.! You can still see some of the amazing comments current and former students wrote about their greatest teachers all over the map.
  • Our School Needs: If you didn’t have a chance to check out some of the amazing entries from this contest, it’s definitely work a look. You can still help teachers and students who entered the contest by supporting their projects on DonorsChoose.org.
  • The Bing Map App: Need we say more? It’s a beautiful way to see instantly where your help is needed down the street or on the other side of the country.
  • Bing Gives: This program inspired more than 30,000 individuals to take action for education. In addition, it was featured on Oprah, where the legend herself called out DonorsChoose.org as one of her favorite things! You can still set Bing as your default search provider to generate a $3 donation to DonorsChoose.org and check out some of the amazing projects funded as a result of this campaign

In just one short year, Bing gave more than $1 million in much needed classroom materials! We’re excited to see what 2011 will hold.

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