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A Busy January in our New York Office


Blizzards may be over in New York, but it’s just begun at the DonorsChoose.org office.Every January, when the holiday giving season subsides and our Winter Ordering Break concludes, we send a flurry of orders to our vendors from all the projects funded in December.Earlier this month, our Project Fulfillment Team sent over 15,000 orders to schools in just 3 days – that’s nearly 60 percent more orders than last January. This increase is thanks to the awesome donors who gave almost $4 million to projects on our site in December.While our vendors feverishly ship boxes to schools, our five-member team is working overtime to track every item from supplier to classroom. With this flurry of activity, there’s a chance some items – and our replies to your questions – might be a bit slower than usual. Our apologies in advance for any delays! We promise to work with our vendors to get every last order processed as soon as we can.Now back to plowing through! :)The DonorsChoose.org Project Fulfillment Team,Diana, Ellen, Jeana, Jenni, and Jonathan

Project Fulfillment Team

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