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A Mustache Sonnet


Last month, Jon Rodney of New York joined an army of men on what he called a “4-week odyssey to discover where mustaches come from and to help raise money for education in low-income school districts.” In other (less epic) words, Jon participated in Mustaches for Kids as a New York grower. During the weeks Jon grew rather attached to his new-found facial hair, naming his ‘stache “The Sultan of Brunei.” With his mustache as his muse, Jon wrote a sonnet:

Shall I compare you to a Fu Manchu?You have more majesty and careless grace.Even well trimmed 'staches gather food;Untended they can blight a pretty face.And though their furry tails dangle down,Presenting stunning profiles from the side,Powerful mustaches are renownedFor filling men with vanity and pride.But you have walked a noble path with style,Not noticing the beauty of your deeds.Your generous gifts have launched a thousand smilesOn needy children learning how to read.Long after facial hair has played its part,A Fu Manchu will grow inside your heart.

Thank you for sharing Jon! We will not forget you and “The Sultan of Brunei.” Long live the ‘stache!

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