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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and DonorsChoose.org Supporters Break Records for Classrooms

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Yesterday was a day for the record books in classrooms across America, thanks to the enthusiasm inspired by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and DonorsChoose.org community.

Propelled by a 50% boost from the Gates Foundation, it was our biggest day of citizen giving day EVER on DonorsChoose.org. Here’s a breakdown of how our community came together to celebrate teachers and students:

  • $6 million total was donated to classroom projects
  • over 35,000 teacher requests received support
  • 69,000 citizen donors flooded the site to lend a hand

Teachers were over the moon and expressed their gratitude throughout the day:

Thank you SO MUCH, Gates Foundation! This has been life changing for more than just myself! 250 children will benefit from your generosity!

Mrs. Kelley| 6th Grade | Evansville, IN

They described the thrill of getting funded...

I was elated to get the flash on my phone during a meeting today at school that one of my projects was fully funded! What a way to start the school year!!! I was so thrilled to tell everyone around me about DonorsChoose.org and the Gates Foundation support.

Mrs. Powell | 6th Grade | Lexington, KY

...and also took the opportunity to share an inspiring lesson on giving back with their students!

Thank you SO much! As a high school US history teacher, I feel like my subject is essential for our future Americans, yet it’s hard to raise funds for it. The boost supporting donations today to all classrooms across the United States is a great example of American service and citizenship to my students- a lesson in giving back. Thanks on their behalf!

Mrs. Catanzaro | 11th Grade | Bunker Hill, IN

Meanwhile, donors shared heartwarming messages of support as they made their donations:

I have extreme appreciation for what teachers contribute to a growing child. I hope you have a very successful school year.

LeAnn from North Carolina

Thank you to everyone who made this day a success, bringing joy and opportunity to classrooms around the country!

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