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A Shift in Classroom Needs: Teachers Turn to DonorsChoose to Crowdfund Food, Clothes for Students During Pandemic

Teachers and districts are turning to DonorsChoose — a nonprofit crowdfunding site for public educators — to leverage financial support.


"[DonorsChoose] and its district partnership model have enabled teachers to raise over $670,000 in funds for warmth, care, and hunger needs for students since January 2020....The New York City Department of Education, Los Angeles Unified School District, and Philadelphia City School District joined DonorChoose’s partnership program in 2020, which more than 180 districts now participate in, representing over 10,000 schools nationally....Austin Buetner, who ended his three-year tenure as superintendent of the country’s second-largest district this June, told The 74 that LAUSD’s participation is part of an effort to engage the broader community in schools, particularly as housing and food insecurity becomes more widespread....Superintendent Buetner dubbed teachers’ projects, 'the voice of the classroom, which we can learn from.''The best perspective of what students needs are comes from the front of the classroom,' he said, 'not from some distant central office building.'"
Read the full story on the74million.org.

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