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ABC News: Schoolkids Get What Donors Choose


The brainchild of Charles Best when he was barely out of college, DonorsChoose may be a revolution in philanthropy. It also gives the term "middle man" an unusually good name. Simply put, DonorsChoose uses the Internet to link people who have only a little to give but big hearts to school teachers who have big needs but tiny budgets."I work real hard. It's tough getting a dollar. I don't like to give them all away," Chris Christensen, a carpenter in New Jersey, told ABC News. "So if I do by choice, I like to know where it's going." This new philanthropy system is turning traditional philanthropy on its head with a soaring growth in only five years from scratch to $12 million -- distributed accountably to delighted school teachers in eight states and three metropolitan areas.Read the full story on ABC News.

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