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Anonymous South Carolina Funder Revealed to be Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation


Since 2005, classroom projects have been brought to life at an astonishing pace (749 projects!) in Georgetown County, South Carolina.  Many of these projects were funded by the mysterious, "Friends of Georgetown County".Today, we are proud to announce the cloak has been removed, and this anonymous funder has identified themselves as the Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation.The Bunnelle Foundation's mission is to improve the quality of life for Georgetown County citizens.  To that end, they have donated almost $180,000 to classroom projects since 2005.  More impressively, this generosity has encouraged individual donors from around the country to open their wallets and donate  over $200,000 additional funds to Georgetown County projects.With this exciting announcement, the Bunnelle Foundation has agreed to underwrite a new "Double Your Impact" campaign on Georgetown County classroom projects.  Might you consider joining their support?Thank you Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation!

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