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Let’s Make Today the #BestSchoolDay for America’s Students and Teachers


3/30/17 Update:Thank you for making it the #BestSchoolDay for many classrooms across the country! Our site-wide match has ended, but some of our community-based matches continue. Look for the #BestSchoolDay logo on a project to determine if it’s still being matched.

Make Every Day the #BestSchoolDay

#BestSchoolDay is back! Today, March 29th, every donation to live projects on DonorsChoose.org will be matched, thanks to some of our most generous supporters. #BestSchoolDay is a special moment to celebrate public education and the amazing work that teachers do every day with their students.

Support a Classroom Today

Every time you support a classroom project, you’re helping to build a movement of people who believe that America’s teachers should have the best resources to make every day the #BestSchoolDay for their students.

Thank you to our #BestSchoolDay funders

A list of #BestSchoolDay funders

In addition to our site-wide match, backed by Aspect Ventures (co-founded by our board member Theresia Gouw), several generous people are supporting #BestSchoolDay matches across the country, including:

  • Lynne & Marc Benioff, supporting classrooms in Hawai’i
  • Mark Brodsky of Red Ventures, supporting classrooms in Lancaster County, SC
  • Cards Against Humanity, supporting classrooms in Chicago, IL
  • Dan Gilbert and the Cleveland Cavaliers, supporting classrooms in Cuyahoga County, OH
  • Dwight Howard of the Atlanta Hawks, supporting classrooms in Atlanta, GA
  • Anna Kendrick, supporting early-childhood literacy across the country
  • The Raymond & Bessie Kravis Foundation, supporting classrooms in Tulsa, OK
  • Gwyneth Paltrow, supporting disaster relief efforts in North Carolina and Louisiana
  • The Salesforce.com Foundation, supporting classrooms in San Francisco and Oakland, CA
  • Two Anonymous Donors, supporting classrooms in Maine

What does #BestSchoolDay mean for students?

Most students will experience over 2,000 school days through their 12 years of education. What makes any one of these the sort of day that will stick in their minds forever?It might be the day they fall in love with their first book, the story that sparks a lifetime love of reading. Or the day they watch the right documentary and set off down the road to an Oscar. Maybe it’s even the day they realize they want to grow up to be a teacher.With your support, thousands and thousands of students across the country will soon have their own #BestSchoolDay memory.Do you have a memory of that one amazing school day that still makes you smile? Share your stories on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #BestSchoolDay.Teachers, want to make the most out of #BestSchoolDay? Take a look at some of our expert advice to rally your community. And if you have any questions, please visit our help center.

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