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5 Quotes from Our Friends Who Helped Make #BestSchoolDay Happen

“Trust me, kid. It’s going to be an awesome day.”

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By now, you may have heard already, but #BestSchoolDay centers on a pretty simple idea: Every student and teacher deserves an awesome day at school.“We all remember a few of those special days at school, whether it was a field trip to a local museum, or conducting a science experiment, or performing in a school play,” says Charles Best, Founder and CEO of DonorsChoose.org.

Teachers do so much to make that happen already, and today, we want to give them a #BestSchoolDay to remember. With the tremendous help of 50 generous actors, athletes, and philanthropists, as of this morning, more than 11,000 projects have been funded across the country, and we hope others will join in on the effort to fund even more.

A few of our funders decided to share their thoughts on why they’ve given to classrooms in their communities. Feel free to share these with the hashtag #BestSchoolDay and join the party across all your social channels!Yvette Nicole Brown


Dwight Howard


Samuel L. Jackson


Sheryl Sandberg


Biz Stone


No kidding, Biz. And one more thing: Happy birthday, buddy!

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