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94% of Teachers Spend Their Own Money on Supplies. Here’s How You Can Help.


Here’s some shocking news, unless you’re a teacher: According to a recently released report from the National Center for Education Statistics, 94% of teachers spend their own money on supplies for students. That’s over $1.6 billion in out-of-pocket spending by teachers each year. It’s almost impossible to wrap the mind around numbers that large. Instead, picture the teachers across the country and in your community who spend, borrow, hack, and do everything they can to give their kids a brighter future. Picture teachers like Ms. Stewart, and Ms. Yonks, and Mr. Yung, and every one of the over 400,000 education professionals who have used DonorsChoose.org to get the tools they need.This school year, you can take action for public education. Let’s tell teachers, “We have your back.”

Pledge to Make a Difference

When you take the #BrighterFuture pledge, we’ll email you during the back-to-school season with specific ways you can support teachers and their students in public schools across the country. You can send a powerful message: There are millions of people in this country who believe teachers deserve better.Are you a teacher? Share the pledge on Facebook or Twitter to help us connect with even more people who are ready to take action.

You can help teachers

Since 2000, DonorsChoose.org has been helping to connect people who want to take action with teachers who need support. So far, over 3.2 million people have joined together to support teachers. A teacher-founded nonprofit, we’re dedicated to getting teachers exactly the materials and experiences they need most. We ship everything directly to classrooms, and donors hear back directly from the teacher they supported to see how their donation is being used to help kids learn. In the last school year alone, teachers requested over

  • 400,000 books
  • 76,000 art supplies
  • 14,000 packs of construction paper
  • And much more!

With the 24-hour onslaught of bad news, we know making real change can feel daunting. Taking the #BrighterFuture pledge is something you can do right now, something that will have a real, tangible impact on a classroom full of students. A brighter future for them starts with you.

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