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3 Ways Cart Copy Just Made Your Teacher Life Easier

Creating the perfect DonorsChoose project for your classroom just got faster! Learn how you can use the latest "cart copy" feature on DonorsChoose to make your life easier.


Chances are if you’re teaching something, other teachers have probably taught it too.That’s why we’re excited about cart copy, the new feature that lets you browse the site for inspiration and put that inspiration into action.

Here’s how it works:

1. If you see an item you like, just click! 

When you’re browsing other teachers’ projects, and you see the Makerspace starter kit of your dreams, just hit “Copy this cart.” You’ll be brought to a new draft project, with those exact same items ready for you to request.

2. Stay in control of your wishlist

Once you copy a teacher’s cart, you’re still in the driver’s seat. You can change quantities to reflect your student count and still personalize your wishlist the way you usually do to make sure the resources are exactly what you need. (Bonus: Unavailable items will be automatically excluded from your cart. Once you’re done shopping, you’ll still write your own description of how materials will make an impact for your students.

3. A quick search is all you need 

Now, it’s easier to find a cart to copy. If you go to the Search page, you can find more than 40,000 ideas from teachers. That’s a lot of inspiration, but what if you’re looking for something specific? You can filter projects by grade and subject using the checkboxes to the left of the search page, or search for any items you’re especially in the market for at the top.

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