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Celebrating 1,200 Projects Funded, Thanks to LyondellBasell!

LyondellBasell gave employees the opportunity to support schools in their community through DonorsChoose gift cards.


COVID-19 and social distancing made the past year a hard one for personal connection. For a year, we’ve been meeting online, attending virtual conferences, and celebrating birthdays and holidays far apart from loved ones.

Teachers and students have faced especially heightened challenges since schools began closing last March. From bouncing between in-person learning to virtual learning and back again, to trying to focus on arithmetic while worrying about health and safety, students are in need of support. In a recent DonorsChoose survey of 1,100 teachers, one educator shared, “Teaching this year has been like trying to catch butterflies.”

Through DonorsChoose, teachers create projects requesting resources and materials to help their students learn. Donors give in any amount to projects that inspire them. When a project is fully funded, the DonorsChoose team orders and ships resources directly to the verified teacher. Since the pandemic began, resources like books, learning basics like pens and notebooks, connectivity devices, and learning kits and games have all been essential for teachers working in the classroom and virtually.

When seeking a new way to engage employees while staying safe and socially distanced, LyondellBasell found a creative solution. By giving employees DonorsChoose gift codes, employees could have a hand in company philanthropy and support schools in their local community during the year when teachers and students most need support.

LyondellBasell gave $200,000 to bring to life 1,200 projects at 897 schools.

LyondellBasell wanted to give employees the opportunity to support their local community while helping students continue to learn during this exceptionally challenging year. Each employee received a DonorsChoose gift code to use towards a COVID-related project that inspired them. 

“I’m proud to work for a company that enabled me to team up with some of my colleagues to fully supplement a classroom in a low-income school district. This was truly a testament to the power of many and the difference we can make when working together.” —Jennifer Cunningham, senior engineer, LyondellBasell Channelview Complex

Read more on why LyondellBasell was so excited to inspire their employees to support teachers.

Here are a few projects Lyondell Chemical Company employees brought to life.

Allow Me to Paint You a Picture

Mrs. Mills | Grades 9-12 | Cleveland, TX

“During a time of economic uncertainty, I hope to provide my students with quality materials to continue creating, whether in the classroom or at home. Supplying my students with their own personal set of brushes will give them the freedom to create art at home, should the need arise to return to remote learning.”

Printing Our Way During Distance Learning!

Mr. De La Rosa | Grades 3-5 | Texas

“Our classroom will look somewhat different this year and we are working diligently to help our students have a successful school year. If we have a classroom printer, it will be much easier to print needed supplies or directions for students in class and also work virtually. Virtual students will benefit from the printer by having access to the printed materials we have in class and send them home with the students.”

Dedicated Scholars Even from a Distance

Ms. Dianne Gonzalez | Grades PreK-2 | Houston, TX

“Sometimes it is difficult to continue learning when you don’t have the supplies. This project provides materials like journals, crayons, and manipulatives that the students can use for learning at home. During these times of the pandemic, anything helps. and this will truly bring a smile to my students’ faces when they see all the materials they will be able to use in person and at home.”

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