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Celebrating with Carey and Gary


Another amazing couple made a huge difference to classrooms by donating their wedding to DonorsChoose.org! Newlyweds Gary and Carey made their commitment to each other in Westport, Connecticut on May 21, 2011 in an early summer wedding on the water.

After the ceremony, each guest received a DonorsChoose.org gift card on his or her place setting. Each gift card included the following note inviting each guest to choose a project and donate:

Family & Friends,

Thanks for celebrating our wedding with us! We hope that you will enjoy giving back to a classroom when you get home.


Carey & Gary

Gary and Carey have been supporters of DonorsChoose.org for some time now, inspired by Carey’s parents who were both elementary school teachers.Thanks so much for introducing your guests to DonorsChoose.org and giving them the opportunity to give to a classroom!

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