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Celebrations: How to Create A Giving Page


We’re thrilled you’ve decided to celebrate with DonorsChoose.org! The first step in participating in DonorsChoose.org Celebrations is creating a Giving Page. Follow the below steps to start celebrating...1. Go to "Create a Giving Page"2. Choose “Celebrations”

3. If you’re new to our site, create an account. If you’ve been here before, enter your e-mail address and password to access your account!

4. Enter your Giving Page title, and write the message that will appear at the top of your Giving Page.

5. Select a “Giving Group” to let us know what type of Celebrations page you are creating.

6. Add a JPG or GIF image for your page.

7. Choose the classroom projects you’d like on your Giving Page – whether you’re jazzed about music, crazy about kindergartners, or psyched about projects in your home state.

8.Facebook is a great way to ask your friends for support. Connect with Facebook if you so choose!

Click "Proceed to Share your Giving Page". Now you're all set - time to Celebrate!

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