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Check out our new Facebook Tab!


Allow us to introduce you to our new Facebook Tab filled with fun activities, classroom photos, and videos! Click the link to go directly to the page or get there by going to the DonorsChoose.org Facebook Page and clicking on DonorsChoose.org (see the red arrow in the photo below):

Explore all the the Possibilities:

SOLVE THE PUZZLE:Looking for some entertainment? Try unscrambling the puzzle for a special message from a DonorsChoose.org classroom!

PINTREST: Are you on Pintrest? Stay updated on our most recent pins:


Watch videos from our Youtube Page to learn more about who we are and those who support our mission, like Oprah and Steven Colbert.

CLASSROOM PHOTOS: Smile while looking at some of our favorite classroom photos:

BADGES:Don’t forget to show your support for DonorsChoose.org by choosing a badge to post on your Facebook wall:

Special thanks to Buddy Media for helping us create this amazing Facebook tab!

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