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Cities around the country are off and…growing!


Brave Mustache Growers across the country have been sprouting sweet ‘Staches to help students in need. From Los Angeles to Baltimore, New York to San Francisco, many a Mustache is gracing the streets of American cities, and we think it’s just ‘Stache-tastic!With so many Mustaches, there’s bound to be exciting Mustache news! The latest from the Mustache news room:

  • Now that it’s the Holiday Season, we know you’re thinking about what to get for your friends and family. We have the perfect solution: a Mustache! Check out our swanky new Facebook page, courtesy of Buddy Media, to send a ‘Stache to a loved one.
  • The staff of HUGE, a super-cool media company in Brooklyn, is growing and they’ve created this sweet ‘Stache video about the emotional rollercoaster that is growing a Mustache.
  • Baltimore men will celebrate their Mustaches this Saturday, December 4th at the crowning glory of the Mustache season: the ‘Stache Bash. The ‘Stache Bash is often described as "beauty pageant meets police line-up" – it’s a can’t-miss event. In Baltimore? Join us!
  • The brave men of Kiva.org, one of our best non-profit friends, are growing Mustaches once again. They’ve already raised more than $2,000 to help kids in need, but we know there’s a lot more ‘Stache where that came from.
  • Long-time New York grower Justin Hendrix has set out on a quest to break all other Mustache records with his $20,000 ‘Stache! Read about his journey here, and then help him reach his goal.

Intrigued by these Mustaches? We thought you would be. Find out more about Mustaches for Kids, and then take a gander at Mustaches for Kids 2010’s progress.

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