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Claire Giannini Fund to Donate Over $1.3 Million to Fund Every DonorsChoose.org School Project in California


We are thrilled to announce today that we have received a tremendous and unexpected gift of $1,304,300 from the Claire Giannini Fund!  The donation will be used specifically to fully fund all 2,233  school projects in California, currently live on DonorsChoose.org.  In addition to fulfilling all California-based projects, the Claire Giannini Fund, located in San Francisco, is making a second grant of $100,000 to bring urgent projects from other states on the DonorsChoose.org site to under $99, with the hope that it inspires widespread donor support in bringing these projects to fruition.This gift of over $1.3 million in funding will immediately impact 67,000 children in California with the vital resources they need to thrive in their classrooms.  We are so grateful for this chance to help so many teachers and students begin their next school year with the materials they need to  succeed and truly enjoy learning.We are humbled and truly appreciate the generosity of the Claire Giannini Fund!Check out a sampling of the amazing projects that are being brought to life.Read more about the origin of this partnership and the incredible Claire Giannini Fund in the press release and see answers to frequently asked questions about this unique initiative!

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