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#clearthelists: From Hashtag to Teacher Movement

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Courtney has been teaching for 3 years, and like 96% of teachers across the country who spend an average of $500 out-of-pocket on classroom supplies, she spends her own money on her students. As she was getting ready for the back-to-school season, she created a Twitter hashtag to stand by teachers like her.

I initially started #clearthelists as a pay-it-forward, community building group of teachers to boost morale and help connect teachers to other teachers. When it grew so quickly, I quickly realized the issue of lack of funding for teachers is pervasive across the entire country (and globally).

— Courtney Jones, @support_a_teach

What started as a hashtag turned into a bigger movement, and we joined forces with #clearthelists to support teachers across the nation. Our  #clearthelists giving page raised over $90,000 to support hundreds of teachers and projects.

Veteran teachers and first-year teachers alike joined the movement and cheered on everyone who as their projects were funded. 

I am in TEARS! THANK YOU will never be enough! You have gone above and beyond to assist in changing the lives of children. I am forever thankful for your generosity, support, and kind hearts! I can not wait to see the look on each child's face when they see what is in these boxes! You truly are amazing. I CANNOT wait for YOU to see the impact your donations have on the educational success of my little humans. Because of you, my dream of a classroom filled with flexible seating became a reality.”

— Ms. Schramm, Fulfilling Our Needs with Flexibility!


After this summer adventure, Courtney went back to the classroom with a valuable lesson to pass on to her students. 

I would describe to my students that the summer of 2019 was spent on growing as a human, growing ideas, and building connections with teachers across the country. I created #clearthelists for kids just like you to receive new items; like basic supplies, and books for classrooms across the United States. Anything can happen with an idea if you put in the work. Your idea solves a problem, and you create awareness using kindness, honesty, and you partner with people who have the same goals.

— Courtney Jones

Courtney’s story shows what every teacher knows — when people with common goals come together, they can inspire others to create meaningful change. 

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