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Colbert Report Growers – Welcome!


Welcome to mustache season Team Colbert Report! We just wanted to thank all the fine gentlemen who work on the Colbert Report for participating in this year's Mustaches for Kids Challenge. The Colbert Report Growers are looking forward to the next four weeks in which they will subject themselves to "public humiliation and private doubt by growing what will no-doubt be ridiculous-looking Mustaches". The men ask only one thing: to wish them and their mustaches luck by donating to any of the projects on their donor page.The Colbert Report Growers have proved quite witty and persuasive in their calls for action. Aaron grows not just to support DonorsChoose.org, but also to "punish his upper lip (it knows what it did)". Jason claims that donating will "help secure the future of this great country". No matter what motives or reservations these men might have about their budding "mustaches", their efforts ultimately are in pursuit of one common goal - to support schools and kids in need.Thank you again Team Colbert Report! Visit their donor page to learn more about the men who will be using the "power of the mustache" to raise money for public school students.

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