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Communities Affected by Recent Tornadoes


In the past few days, storms have hit many southern and Midwestern states, bringing with them millions of dollars worth of damage. DonorsChoose.org has reached out to our teachers and administration in affected communities, and we are working to meet the critical needs of the schools impacted by these natural disaster.We were amazed at the positive attitudes that our teachers continue to have, despite the destruction. Take a look for yourself!

“I am writing from our storm shelter – we are locked down for another round of storms that are supposed to roll through today. We are all in good spirits though, and will help you and your team in any way to help the schools and communities that need us the most.”

– Mr. Casey, Pinson, TN

“There is so much devastation and loss of lives that it is just unbelievable. It is absolutely heart wrenching. I know of several families who have lost loved ones. Fortunately, no one in our school is hurt and our school is intact.”

– Ms. Murdock, Crestwood Elementary, Little Rock, AR

“Thank you for the concern for our community, students, and loved ones! It is with a very blessed and thankful heart that I tell you that Greenbrier wasn't hit by the tornado. But with a very heavy heart I need to tell you that two communities in our county were hit by last night's tornadoes. This devastation is so close that we are once again helping our school rivals with clean up and rebuilding. My students want to make a difference so for the next week we are making sack lunches for the workers or families salvaging what is left of their homes. Our goal is 200 sack lunches per day! What an amazing life lesson and a perfect way to teach my kids compassion and love for your neighbor!”

– Ms. Cardin, Eastside Elementary, Greenbrier, AR

“Wow! This was very sweet and thoughtful of your team! :) So sweet and kind! Thankfully, the tornado missed my town where my school is located.”

–Ms. Dewese, Warren Dupree Elementary, Little Rock, AR

“Thank you so much for your concern. It means a lot to know that the rest of the country cares about us and what's going on here. Sunday was the 3rd anniversary of the deadly category 5 tornado that swept through and flattened Tuscaloosa, areas of the outskirts of Birmingham and the communities between. My first cousin was actually killed in that swarm.”

– Ms. Hyatt, G.W. Carver High School, Birmingham, AL

In the wake of these natural disasters, our thoughts remain with all those affected. We will continue to support teachers looking to rebuild in the calm after the storms.

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