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5 Reasons Teachers Should Get in on This Computer Science Offering ASAP


If you want to take your teaching game to the next level, this new campaign from Infosys Foundation USA can help.


With students taking a break from school in the summer, now's the perfect time for teachers to learn and grow outside of the classroom. Teachers can now receive funding for professional development in computer science through DonorsChoose.org — all thanks to the support of Infosys Foundation USA. Through this campaign, Infosys Foundation USA is half-funding projects for teachers to attend qualifying computer science courses so they can bring new STEM opportunities to their schools. Learn more and sign up here!Here are 5 great reasons to post an eligible project for this opportunity:


5. Expand your own skillset.


Computational thinking is quickly becoming a required skill. It’s hard to think of a part of our lives that hasn’t been transformed by technology in the last five years. Understanding how computers work will not only allow you to implement the newest tools in the classroom, but it also helps you outside of school — whether you’re blogging about your favorite recipes or troubleshooting your computer’s newest operating system.


4. Become a student yourself.

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It may have been a while since you’ve been the one facing the blackboard instead of writing on it. Putting yourself into your students’ shoes by learning a new skill may help you gain a new perspective into what it’s like to be challenged by content.


3. Meet other great teachers.


Another great part of being a student again is making friends! This is a great chance to meet teachers from your community who are also interested in computer science. Make the most of it by sharing lesson plan ideas, your favorite apps, or the best places in town to get a discount on school supplies.


2. Pioneer a new class at your school.


With the knowledge you’ll gain through professional development, you can become a leader at your school by creating or innovating a computer science curriculum. This opportunity for summer training will help you feel fully confident as you step into a leadership role in your school and bring your classroom into the 21st century.


1. Set your students up for success.


Computer science is an essential 21st century–skill for your students. According to Code.org, computer science majors earn 40% more than college graduates of other majors, yet there is still a large imbalance when it comes to representation of women and minorities in STEM. Give your students the skills to thrive in the world that they will be a part of.Don’t pass up the opportunity to become fluent in a whole new computer science language this summer! Help yourself and your students by posting a qualifying project on DonorsChoose.org.


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