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Create-Your-Own Giving Pages


Bloggers, Teachers, Family Members, Community Members, and everyone in between: create a Giving Page that fits your interests and needs. It’s easy, just 1) Read this post for information and inspiration 2) Create your Giving Page on DonorsChoose.org and 3) Watch classrooms benefit from the generosity of your fans, friends, family, and other folks.Attention Innovative Givers: There are no limits to your giving—we dare you to come up with a crazy, silly, creative, unusual, viral Giving Page that makes us smile. A shout out to two of the pages that have done just that:

The Giving Table: Socializing with Purpose is a network of New Yorkers that meets for a night of socialization and donation. Their most recent cocktail party was art-themed, and the group collected donations for classroom projects related to art. The idea is a masterpiece.Lin case you haven’t heard, Linsanity is sweeping the nation. We’re particularly Linspired by a Giving Page that gave donors the opportunity to Win Tickets to Experience Linsanity. Fittingly, the page supported projects that supply gym equipment to schools in and around New York.

The race to design the most successful, creative Giving Page is on!

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