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Deck the School Halls


Need a printer, scanner or projector? Check out Epson’s specials! From December 1 to 24, Epson will donate 5% of the sale of qualifying products, up to $100,000, to help fund eligible classroom projects in public schools across America. Epson will fund half the cost of selected projects as long as other donors provide the rest.

To see which Epson products benefit this campaign click here. And when you browse the Epson website, eligible products will also be designated with this red gift icon next to the item.

Epson is committed to helping teachers utilize technology to enhance their classrooms and inspire learning. Last year, Epson helped a teacher in Brooklyn transform her classroom and engage her students with a projector. And, as an additional way to support teachers, Epson is providing useful tips to teachers on how technology can enrich instruction. Interested in making one of these ideas come to life in your classroom? Post a project of up to $1500 ($1200 in materials)!

Check out the Epson Campaign Page for more information on qualifying items and funded projects.

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