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Deck the Walls: Project inspiration for the holidays and winter weather

Want to redirect classroom energy from festive pandemonium to productivity? Check out these teachers’ clever winter holiday projects, then submit your own!


Wintertime Activities

Whether your school days are snowy or sunny, you can transform the winter blues with low-intensity, colorful activities for the whole class. Projects like these can help your students decrease stress and increase focus (and fun!).

Boring Food Web Drawings? Not in My Class!
I want to make learning about biomes, ecosystems, biotic and abiotic factors, and food webs fun and engaging for my students. The game can be used as a great review game before final exams, to help students de-stress while polishing their skills and knowledge of the content, or as a fun refresher on minimum days or before a holiday, when student's brains are already on vacation.

Poster Printer
This project has only one item: A poster maker. I remember as a child, my teachers would have motivational posters, celebratory posters, and educational posters displayed. We often gripe about children growing up too fast, but simultaneously take the excitement and color out of schools. I want to bring it back, and this poster maker is a great start.

Learn About Different Cultures’ Holidays

Put a global spin on your festivities by exploring diverse cultures, customs, and holiday traditions. From geography to literature to the culinary arts, any subject can become a cultural celebration.

Reading in a Winter Wonderland
My project is for winter-themed books on holidays (Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah), hibernation, arctic animals, snowmen, and more with a fun mix of fiction and non-fiction books.

Celebrating Holidays Through Geography
By providing geographical culinary resources, hands-on crafts and interactive activities, our spectacular students will learn about world geography, cultural histories and fascinating customs. 

Giving Back

Embrace the giving season in your classroom! Help your students make their classroom, campus, or community a brighter and more beautiful place this winter with service-oriented projects.

Virtual Reality Experiences Leading to Community Service Impact
Our culminating activity in the unit is going to be for my students to develop a community service project that will allow them and others to have an impact on a global goal of their choosing.

Art Supplies for Community School Murals
Creating murals and large canvas artwork that can be displayed throughout our school is one way to build community, teach teamwork and art design skills, and is also a great way to have fun with students!

Whatever your students need – a pick-me-up on a cold, gray day or a high-energy creative outlet for almost-vacation wiggles – get creative and then get all the supplies you need by submitting your next DonorsChoose project!

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