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Teachers across the country are relying on digital resources to help them make the shift to online and hybrid learning. Digital courseware helps engage students, pace individual work time, develop lesson plans and curriculum, and support standards-based teaching. 

Do you need digital resources to bring your students’ learning to the next level? There is a community of supporters on DonorsChoose who want to make sure you and your students have the tools you need to bring learning to life this year. 

Some of the most popular digital tools are available to request on DonorsChoose. Here are the top digital resources right now on DonorsChoose, along with where to find them.  

Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Cards

TPT gift card

What our teachers say: “There are so many great resources available out there through Teachers Pay Teachers. With a gift card for Teachers Pay Teachers, I will be able to purchase resources my students can use to learn concepts in math, science, social studies, and language arts. Best of all, there are so many resources geared toward virtual learning”  — Ms. Barnes

How to request it on DonorsChoose: Teachers Pay Teachers gift cards are available in $100 increments. Add them to your DonorsChoose project by clicking ‘Teachers Pay Teachers’ when you go shopping for your project. Get started on a project today.


BrainPop screenshot

What our teachers say: BrainPOP is an award-winning online platform that spans a wide range of content areas including Science, Math, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Music, Health, Reading, Writing, and English as a Second Language. Through engaging videos, practices quizzes, games, primary source documents, etc. students can broaden their understanding of standards-aligned content. All educators and students in our school community can use BrainPOP in numerous ways, from introducing a new lesson or topic to illustrating complex subject matter to reviewing before a test. Content is carefully mapped and aligned to our academic standards.” — Mrs. Becker

“The self guided quizzes and games are always a class favorite! With technology and paperless education making a giant leap into education BrainPOP is a great tool to help my students connect with the content.” — Mrs. Elliott

How to request it on DonorsChoose: BrainPOP is available on DonorsChoose through our vendor AKJ Education. Get started on a project today.

Breakout EDU


What our teachers say: “The school wide Breakout EDU platform will allow all students and staff to collaborate safely and utilize their Social Emotional Learning skills. Breakout EDU puts the community back into school. Everyone works together for a common goal, even if it's done safely from home. This platform works digitally and also when we return to the physical school space.” — Ms. Padron

“Digital breakout rooms from breakout.edu are an exciting and engaging way for students to participate in school while engaging critical thinking skills. So far we have exhausted all the free options and the students are begging for more. It is so beautiful to have online class where all of my 32 students are excited and able to work in social groups to escape these educational and rigorous challenges. It is one of those activities that helps re-spark the passion for learning for both students and teachers. They literally cannot get enough of them!” — Mr. Kagawa

How to request it on DonorsChoose: Breakout EDU is available on DonorsChoose through our vendor AKJ Education. Get started on a project today.



What our teachers say: “I am so excited to teach with the hundreds of awesome songs using Flocabulary. We all know what it is like to get a catchy song stuck in your head. With Flocabulary the catchy song anchors an awesome way to learn a new strategy and remember it as they sing the song to a loved one at home. This is what Flocabulary does for each student as they sing catchy songs to learn so many new strategies in language, math, social studies, and science.” — Mrs. C

“Right now, especially while students are learning from home, they need the most engaging videos ever to help cement the skills we are learning in online class. Flocabulary has amazing, high-quality songs about all content areas as well as engaging activities that correspond to each video. My students love singing along with the educational songs which help them remember their skills. I can't tell you how many times I leave school with Flocabulary songs stuck in my head!” — Ms. Cyr

How to request it on DonorsChoose: Flocabulary is available on DonorsChoose through our vendor AKJ Education. Get started on a project today.



What our teachers say: “The use of Nearpod will enhance my classroom with built-in functions that give my students the opportunity to communicate with their peers, and ensures participation and collaboration. Nearpod offers ready-made lessons or teacher made. Having the use of Nearpod, my students will be able to streamline their learning through module-based instruction that includes virtual field trips, videos, reading materials, polls, questions, and collaboration. Students are able to self-pace or interact with the class during a teacher led Nearpod lesson.” — Ms. Copeland

“As a teacher I can create presentations that can contain quizzes, polls, videos, images, drawing boards, web content and so on with Nearpod. I can also access over 7,000 K12 standards-aligned lessons.” — Ms. Hopkins

How to request it on DonorsChoose: NearPod is available on DonorsChoose through our vendor AKJ Education. Get started on a project today.

Additional teacher favorite digital resources available through DonorsChoose:

  • Britannica Digital Learning provides over 900 digital non-fiction books to add to your online classroom library collection
  • Scholastic Classroom Magazines are available in digital versions 
  • TIME for Kids Magazines are available in digital versions 
  • Carolina Biological Supply Company offers 3D Flex Digital kits for high school biology, chemistry, and earth and space science labs

Available through AKJ Education:

  • Albert Albert supports teachers and learners with high-quality practice content including over 100,000 original practice items, assessments, and writing prompts.
  • Codesters Codesters combines a fun online coding platform for students, a powerful learning management system for teachers, and built-out coding lessons so you can start teaching kids to code in your school today.
  • CodeMonkey CodeMonkey is a fun and educational game-based environment where kids learn to code without any prior experience.
  • Quizlet Quizlet is an online study application that allows students to study science via learning tools and games.
  • JumpStart Academy Math  JumpStart Academy Math is an online individualized math program that provides educators with engaging Kindergarten through 6th grade activities
  • Legends of Learning Legend of Learning has over 2000 fun, curriculum aligned, math and science games created to engage students.

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