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DIRECTV partners with DonorsChoose.org to help classrooms


DonorsChoose.org has been inspired by the film Waiting for Superman and we are excited that so many of our donors and teachers took the pledge and saw the movie. Now, we are excited to partner with DIRECTV, as they premiere the eye-opening documentary on DIRECTV Cinema™, beginning Feb. 15, the same day as the movie’s DVD release.In connection with this partnership, DIRECTV will donate a portion of every rental of Waiting for Superman to DonorsChoose.org. “Education plays such a vital role in the success of our country’s youth, and as an invested corporate citizen, we take the cause of education very seriously,” said Sarah Lyons, vice president of Upgrade Marketing for DIRECTV.So, if you have not yet seen this ground-breaking, powerful movie, order it on DIRECTV and help support projects on DonorsChoose.org. Thank you DIRECTV for helping to bring classroom projects to life for public school teachers and students across the country!

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