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Disney Funding $300,000 of Environmental Projects!


We are thrilled to announce that Disney is funding hands-on environmental projects across the United States for 3rd to 8th grade classrooms. Since 2009, Disney has brought to life 1,693 classroom projects focusing on saving the environment.Teachers in grades 3-8 still have until February 1 to post a project to qualify for this match funding.Teachers can submit up to two qualifying projects1.Visit www.donorschoose.org/teacher to sign up, or log into your account if you have one2. Submit 1-2 projects that meet these criteria:• Total cost of $1000 or less, including all fees and the optional donation. (That means around $750 in materials.)• Materials for a hands-on environmental science project in your classroom. (Technology and books do not qualify for this funding.)• Include the word “Disney” in your essay• Submit your project by February 14!A few days after your project is approved, you’ll see a Disney logo on your project. This means it has qualified for this offer and now has a greater than 80% chance of being fully funded. (Visit our Help Center to learn how Double Your Impact offers work.)Want to help us spread the word about this funding opportunity? Share this photo on your Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking site to let teachers know about the Disney Match Offer!

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