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Disney supports Gulf Coast clean-up projects


Are you a teacher in the Gulf Coast region with an idea for environmental clean-up or hands-on learning about the oil spill? DonorsChoose.org is teaming up with Disney’s Planet Challenge to encourage teachers and students to get involved in bettering the environment. Disney’s Planet Challenge is an exciting, highly-acclaimed, project-based environmental competition for 3rd-8th grade classrooms across the US.Teachers: Here are the details about this “Almost Home” funding opportunity:1. What’s available? Disney's Planet Challenge is offering to fund 3rd-8th grade classroom projects for $650 or less in materials, aimed at helping to clean up, or learn from, the Gulf Coast oil spill.2. Who qualifies? If you are a full-time 3rd through 8th grade teacher at a public school in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, or Texas, you can qualify for this funding!3. How do I participate? There are three easy steps to qualify for this funding:

  • First, log in to your teacher account on DonorsChoose.org (any public school teacher can sign up here).
  • Once you’re logged in, submit a hands-on project request focused on cleaning up the Gulf Oil Spill requesting $650 or less in materials.
  • After August 18th, visit Disney's Planet Challenge site and sign up, making sure to use the same email address as your DonorsChoose.org account.

Make sure to submit your request as soon as possible for the best chance of funding. Projects must be submitted before November 1st for consideration.4. Then what happens? Within a week of project approval, if your projects meets the above criteria, you will see a Disney's Planet Challenge logo on your project page. Bonus: If your project qualifies and you sign up for Disney’s Planet Challenge, your project will receive full funding by 12/18/10.

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