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Do you "like" Bing? Because they told us they like you.


First off, we'd like to thank everyone who's participated in the Bing Teacher Appreciation campaign! Because of your kind words (and great teachers!), Bing has already donated well over $50,000 to classroom projects and just officially extended the campaign to June 30th!We also wanted to tell you about another easy way to help classrooms with Bing. This Sunday, for 24 hours, you can help bring more resources to teachers and students by liking Bing on Facebook. For each person who clicks the “Like” button on Bing’s Facebook page, they'll donate $1 to high-need projects on DonorsChoose.org. So, add it to your calendar and tell some friends so we can help even more projects like this one: A Place to Sit, Play and Learn.

A Place to Sit, Play and Learn

And if you haven’t shared a story (or five!) about why you’ll never forget your favorite teachers, you’ve only got a couple more weeks. If you have, please help spread the word by telling a few friends!Thanks, Bing! And thanks to all of you!

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