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Hundreds of green projects funded on Earth Day


The six-pack holders have been snipped, the solar power harnessed, and the paper recycled – our Earth Day campaign has come to a successful close.Our citizen philanthropists really “thought green” and celebrated the 40th anniversary of Earth Day by funding 580 classroom projects. These projects had been funded down under $100 by our sustainable friends at the Pershing Square Foundation.This is a huge renewable step forward toward our next generation learning about wind power, how plants grow, the impact of air pollution, and recycling.Now, though this opportunity has ended, there are still many great match offers available, and a slew of projects needing less than $100 to complete.Thanks again to the Pershing Square Foundation, and to every citizen philanthropist that helped make this celebration of Earth Day a sustainable success!Might your company or foundation consider sponsoring a Double Your Impact or Almost Home match offer?

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