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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Match Offers (But Were Afraid to Ask)

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It’s no secret that DonorsChoose.org puts your classroom wishlist on the radar of millions of potential donors, giving anyone the opportunity to be your classroom supporter. But did you know we also partner with corporations and foundations throughout the year to help you fund your projects? One of the keys to DonorsChoose.org success as a teacher is mastering these partner match offers.When you know what match offers are available to you, you’re able to get your ideas front-and-center for our partners—who are some of our most generous donors. Every year, our team launches exciting campaigns with our partners that can get resources into your classroom at a fraction of their cost. That means you can focus on connecting your project to your community, and we’ll take the reigns on stretching every dollar you raise.


Can I really double donations to my request?

Yes! The possibility of a match offer might seem daunting at first; you might be asking, “How can I make a project that appeals to a giant company or foundation?” It’s easier than you’d think! We’ve built a one-stop-shop for all the ways you can create a qualifying project, and we’re always available for any questions you have along the way. This post should serve as a starting point for any questions you might have and weren't sure who (or how) to ask.

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How to use match offers when you know what you need

Let’s say you know exactly what your science class needs and you’re ready to get started writing your essay and shopping for resources. But wait: Did you know that we’ve got no fewer than threeoffers to match donations for science projects all over the country (and maybe even more in your state) right now? We’re hoping that means your project comes to life twice as fast, and that our partners’ ideas about science in the classroom might inspire and broaden the possibilities you imagined.

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How match offers help when you aren’t sure what to ask for

Browsing through our current matches can spark great ideas for your classroom. For example, maybe you don’t have a specific project plan in mind just yet, but you know that a few of your students are showing strong interest in current events. You want to encourage your students to explore the world of media with the right tools to determine fact from opinion. Our partner NewsCorp wants to help you with that effort! Create a project for non-tech media literacy resources, and your project could qualify for matched donations. Our partners, and our team, are committed to creating guidelines that inspire great ideas.


Getting started: The only step you need to take

Before creating a project, your first stop should be our match offers page, just to see if there’s any offer listed that might fit your idea. By aligning your project with a few criteria, which could be as simple as entering a campaign code or selecting a certain subject category, you can take your fundraising (and your projects) to the next level.

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