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Financial Executive International Profile on Chief Financial Officer Andy Kaplan


Recently Financial Executive International (FEI), a professional organization for CFOs, profiled DonorsChoose.org and Chief Financial Officer Andy Kaplan for their magazine. The article described the history of DonorsChoose.org, examining its evolution as a nonprofit and a company. Andy recognized how the operations of DonorsChoose.org have improved in twelve years. He acknowledged that in the beginning, “DonorsChoose.org was heavily manual. Today we are highly automated, and use state of the art e-procurement systems to requisition, order and pay for more than 80,000 classroom projects per year.”When asked why DonorsChoose.org, Andy simply answered “DonorsChoice.org was a start-up with big plans for growth. The chance to build a financial operations team in a start-up with such a great mission was an unbeatable opportunity.”

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