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Breaking News: Flash Funding in Honor of Native American Heritage Month

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, Livia & Biz Stone funding fulfilled a classroom project for every teacher at a school where the majority of students are Native American.


Every November, the United States recognizes Native American Heritage Month to celebrate the culture and achievements of Indigenous people. Today, we are thrilled to share that Livia & Biz Stone just gave $250,000 to support Native American students through DonorsChoose! This funding fulfilled a classroom project for every teacher at a school where the majority of students are Native American.

Historically, schools on reservations and those mostly serving Native American students have been underfunded and overlooked. We also can’t forget the painful history of Native American boarding schools and the impact it has had on Native communities. Yet in the face of oppression, Native Americans have beautiful stories to celebrate and vital contributions to honor. The DonorsChoose team is thrilled to partner with Livia & Biz Stone to help invest in Native American students.

Here are just a few of the amazing projects that were fully-funded, thanks to today’s donation.

Indigenous Culture Through Art

Ms. Siena’s elementary students love learning about their Indigenous culture through art. This project will give students the supplies they need to create a piece of art composed of geometric patterns and symbols of Anishinabe or Dakota contributions, including foods, housing, games, traditions and more.

"The study of art and culture can build confidence as well as a sense of identity." — Ms. Siena, elementary teacher, MN

Bees Get Married When They Find Their Honey

Mr. Wright’s elementary school science lesson will teach his students all about bees and honey production. 

“The bee's life cycle displays are really engaging because most students haven't been that close to a bee before. So students will get a kick out of holding these acrylic insect displays.”

Native American Appreciation

Mrs. Larson is getting Native American books and artwork for her high school students in Montana.

“Having more Native American representation in the classroom will allow my students to have a better understanding not just of their own tribe but others across the United States.” — Mrs. Larson, elementary teacher, MT

Let's Get Together!

Mrs. Kay is excited for her students to have dedicated space for collaboration in the classroom. 

“This classroom area rug would allow all students in the room to gather simultaneously for discussion and working on various assignments.” — Mrs. Kay, elementary teacher, NC

Reading to Expand Native Culture

Decodable books and sight word activities will soon be arriving in Ms. Hirst’s classroom! 

“With their increase in reading skills, [students]  can begin to read and comprehend more complex texts about their own culture written and illustrated by Native authors. This, in turn, will increase their pride in their Native heritage.”  — Mrs. Hurst, elementary teacher, AK


If you’re a parent or teacher looking for resources about Native American Heritage, the First Nations Development Institute recommends this list of books. 
To learn more about the systemic issues that Native students face on a daily basis, check out
these resources from  Learning For Justice.
To support Native American students and teachers or the celebration of Native American Heritage Month in our schools, donate to a project on the DonorsChoose Native American Heritage month giving page. .

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