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Friends and family show their support!


The staff here at DonorsChoose.org loves to read the fun, interesting, and inspiring comments left on teachers' projects on our site. During the Friends & Family Match Challenge this fall, many of the comments were written by people who knew the teacher personally, and an incredible range of relationships was represented.Husbands donated…"I gave to this project because science is awesome and so is my wife."…And so did daughters."Hi Mom! It's your daughter. I gave to this project because I see how much work you put into your classroom and your little munchkins. Also, if this gets sponsored you will have more money to spend on me! Just kidding!"Friends gave…"I gave to this project b/c Ms. T was brave enough to take the plunge into teaching this fall, and as someone who shares her values but not the gumption to work in a school, I want to show her students some love. I think her project is an innovative idea that could make a big difference for her kids, and I love DonorsChoose."….And friends of friends gave."I gave to this project because a friend told me about it and said she was a great teacher. I want to support great teachers!"Teachers supported their former students…"I gave to this project because as a retired English teacher and Donors Choose recipient, I know the importance of both reading and this organization, and I am happy to give to a former student!"…And students supported their former teachers!"I gave to this project because Mrs. G was my Chemistry teacher in 1980. She is an amazing teacher. She is one of the people who inspired me to be a teacher and I am very grateful. Aloha!"And last but not least, colleagues gave to one another."I gave to this project because I support Mrs. C's ingenuity and initiative. I am proud to call myself an educator with colleagues like Mrs. C."

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