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Bring on the Classroom Supplies! How to Share Your DonorsChoose Project

From your favorite group chat to the neighbor down the street, here’s all you need to know to push your DonorsChoose project across the finish line.


Not sure where to start with sharing your DonorsChoose project? We’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find everything you need to know to make getting your supplies easy-as-pie! We suggest picking one quick option from each section to get your project across the finish line.

Sharing With Friends and Family

1. Take it to the group chat!  Spreading the word can be as easy as dropping the link to your project in that lively group text of yours! Even better if you put your own unique spin on the message (a fun gifs, perhaps?)  — but even a simple note with your project link included is a direct, easy way to help your people support their fave teacher (you!).

2. Direct Email: If you aren’t going the text route, email’s an amazingly effective way to help spread the word about your DonorsChoose request to friends and family. We suggest picking 2 people and emailing them personally — and if you get stuck while drafting, be sure to check out our Teacher’s Guide to to Email.

YOUR SHORTCUT: Short on Time? Here’s a grab-and-go message for your group text for easy customizing: 

“Hey all! I just posted a request for [brief description of needed resource] on DonorsChoose for those students I’m always humble-bragging about. Every bit counts if you can support it! Check it out here: [DonorsChoose project link]”

Sharing With Acquaintances & Your Wider Network

1. Post on the social media platform of your choice! There’s no better way to cast a wide net about your teacher project than a classic social media share. Our teachers have seen the most success using Facebook or Instagram stories (so you can link to your project directly). 

2. Include It in Your Email Signature: It might sound simple, but a lot of educators don’t realize how effective just having a link to their DonorsChoose project in their email signature can be for sharing to their professional network and school community. It’s a way of getting the word out well and often about your project without ever having to think about it! 

PRO TIP: Want to make your social share POP? Use one of our custom social media graphics to give your post extra pizazz!

Sharing With the Neighborhood

1. Post on Nextdoor.com. In case you haven’t heard of it, NextDoor is a social network for your neighborhood — and it also happens to be a place many teachers on DonorsChoose have found a lot of support. NextDoor sets you up with other users from your area — and you can message in your neighborhood’s feed. Here’s just a sample of how you might message about your project:

“Hey neighbors! I'm [your name], a teacher at [school name], and I'm reaching out to raise awareness for my DonorsChoose project to bring [project resource] to my classroom.This project will help my students [explain the positive impact of the project on students]. If you're interested in supporting some great students from your neighborhood, even a small donation can make a big difference! You can learn more and support the project here: [DonorsChoose project link]. Thanks so much!

2. Flyers!
If you want to take it offline, sharing a classic flyer on a bulletin board in your neighborhood’s coffee shop, library, or other hubs can really do the trick.

PRINT-AND-GO RESOURCE: Check out our ready-made flyers.

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