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All Day, The Gates Foundation is Giving Teachers a Back-to-School Boost!


Update 8/23/18: Funds for the boost have been fully spent out, but there are still plenty of teachers who need your support!

Back-to-School Boost

It’s no secret that teachers are spending an enormous amount of their own money each year on classroom supplies for their students. The New York Timesis talking about it. Celebrities are talking about it. We’ve talked about it. Teachers are reaching into their own pockets to buy the tools they need to build strong school communities for their students. If you’ve been waiting for that perfect moment to support these amazing teachers, now’s the time! Today only, our partners at The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundationare giving your donations a 50% back-to-school boost. (For example, your $20 donation will become a $30 donation, or your $50 donation will become a $75 donation.)So far this August, teachers have shared over 70,000 ideas to bring learning to life for their students, so you have plenty of amazing projects to choose from. What are you waiting for?

Support a Classroom

Teachers, have a question about the back-to-school boost? Visit our help center.

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