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Give Money, Get Happy!


In our Q&A with Harvard Business School professor Michael Norton we asked our readers "how has giving to classrooms through DonorsChoose.org made you happy?" Here are 10 of our favorite answers:

"I find that I MUST help others in some way to feel happier. DonorsChoose.org provides an outlet for that need! The donations not only help students, but they certainly improve teacher morale. I remember receiving an online note from a teacher saying that he felt like a new teacher again after receiving the supplies from DonorsChoose. What better way to make yourself happy than to make others happy too!"


"It makes me happy to know I am part of a team effort to improve education for today’s children. Together, we are making a real difference in classrooms all around the country! It also makes me happy that my students asked me to support a project for another classroom as a way of paying it forward."


"Donating to DonorsChoose.org makes me feel great! Whether it is my colleagues or my child’s teacher, I feel like I am supporting people who go the extra mile."


"Knowing that my donation would be helping make students into better community members is why I enjoy doing it!"


"I love knowing that kids will get to enjoy reading the books that I loved as a child. It’s also heartwarming when you get the handwritten thank you notes from the kids. You get to change a child’s life and perhaps inspire the next generation of philanthropists. There’s no better feeling in the world. Donating to classrooms is definitely the most happiness that money can buy!"


"I am a strong believer that good education can make wonders in life. I feel very happy whenever I donate to different projects which ultimately help a child get better education."


"I know the donation I give will be used for exactly what the students need. The teacher in the classroom is looking to provide for each one of his or her students."


"I donate simply because all our students will benefit from these awesome projects. These projects bring endless possibilities to students that would otherwise not be possible. I enjoy donating to projects just because it brings a smile to my face knowing I made a difference in a child’s education."


"It is such a positive, wonderful feeling to help classrooms. I love receiving the notes from the teacher and students. They are so genuinely thankful. And hopefully, when the students are adults, they’ll be inspired to give too, and “pay it forward!”


"A teacher’s job is hard enough as it is even when he / she has enough materials. With all the budget cut in education, our children are short changed and teachers are struggling. I love helping to provide supplies that I hope that would allow teachers to spend more time with his/her students and make their work just a little easier."


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