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Guest Blogger: Caroline Pitofsky, Donor Appreciation Team Intern


For the past three summers, when taking a break from baking or playing tennis, I have had the opportunity to spend time in a wonderful place known as Donor Appreciation Land in the DonorsChoose.org offices. Five years ago, when my aunt described her experience working for DonorsChoose.org, I knew immediately that I wanted to be more involved with this unique and innovative organization.As a high school intern, I act as a checkpoint along a Thank-You Package’s journey, as it travels from a classroom and into the hands of a donor. Part of my role includes reading through the Thank-You letters and ensuring that they are ready to be sent out. With each new package, I get to experience firsthand the impact that donors have had on classrooms across the country.Whether raving about new iPads or showing off their artwork, the students who benefit from DonorsChoose.org are always excited to extend their gratitude to the people who turned the project request into a reality. When I am not reading Thank-You letters, I respond to teacher’s requests and questions regarding Thank-You packages and help out with other small projects.There are many reasons to love working in the colorful world of the Donor Appreciation Team (DAT). Not only have I been exposed to the inner workings of a great non-profit, but have also been able to explore my other interests by interviewing people in all different departments, including Partnerships & Business Development and Marketing. I have met many other high school students who share a similar passion for DonorsChoose.org and education. However, one of the best parts of being a DAT high school intern is having access to the best snacks in the office; we have become the ultimate destination for a delicious Crumbs cupcake or a Girl Scout Cookies taste test!

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