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Guest Blogger: Jessica Stanford, Teacher


Wow. I can't believe this is really happening! Little ol' me from Parma, Ohio has the chance to write for DonorsChoose.org! Boy do I have a lot to be thankful for!!


My name is Jessica Stanford from Ms. Stanford's Class and I'd like to share my story with you.Looking back on it I can still remember the day that my best friend from college told me about the wonders that DonorsChoose.org was doing in her classroom. She knew I was in a school that had FAR less supplies than her scarce classroom, so she told me to sign up immediately. Of course I was hesitant, because you always hear that things that sound so amazing must have a catch and of course this sounded to good to be true! I waited around a few months and after revisiting her classroom I realized this fairytale was real life! Her classroom went from hand-me-downs to bright and beautiful 21st century tools. The look on her children's faces upon receiving boxes labeled DonorsChoose.org was more than enough to get my ball rolling!and the rest is history....After 33 months and 57 projects, my classroom is now proof to the wonders of DonorsChoose.org! I can not believe that once I was a teacher in a classroom with 1 bin of tattered books, a basket of salvation army recess toys, and a chalkboard. In spirit of the holidays, my students and I would like to say thanks to all of those that have made our wildest dreams come true!Thank you so much to Charles Best for making his dream a reality. In return so many dreams, students and teachers alike, have come true! Thank you to each and every donor, without you not one single project could exist. Thank you to all of the volunteers of DonorsChoose that work countless hours to organize everything in our real life fairytale!


Check out some tricks and tips I shared in this blog post about DonorsChoose.org:


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