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Guest Post: Charlie Kim, CEO Next Jump, OO.com


OO.com donates $1 million to fund 1,300 projects in 6 months, on a mission to fund 10,000 public school projects - Your Help Needed!


We created OO.com, which stands for One=One, with the intention of instilling giving as a part of everyday life. Every time you eat, you travel, you shop - OO.com gives automatically to educate a child in need.We partnered with DonorsChoose.org, and in just 6 short months, reached $1 million in donations, funding over 1,300 public school projects, in over 3,600 cities nationwide, impacting over 130,000 children in need. These stats surprised us - all done by a tech company with only 200 employees.Being a tech company, we started by only funding technology projects, with the hopes of inspiring young children to become our future engineers. As of today, we are excited to announce that we will be funding ALL projects on DonorsChoose.org - any project a teacher submits will be eligible to be funded by OO.com.The 200 employees at Next Jump (parent company to OO.com) have rallied in support of our One=One cause. When we receive our Thank You notes in the mail from teachers and students, we pass them out to every employee, because every Next Jumper has had a hand in helping to make this partnership successful. I love walking through our office and seeing the Thank You notes proudly taped to everyone's desks. It gives Next Jumpers a sense of pride to see that they are contributing to something so impactful. It motivates us to work harder, and to make our contribution even larger. Mrs. Krueger in Wild Rose, WI wrote us, "I can't express my appreciation and thanks for your donation to my project. Thank you for understanding the importance of placing technology in the hands of our children. This gift will last for years to come." When we hear messages like Mrs. Krueger's, we are inspired to do more.WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?We believe companies have a great responsibility, to use the power of business to dramatically impact the world in a positive way. The famous line from the movie Spiderman: "With great power, comes great responsibility." We believe our Company is a vehicle to do good. We live the example.If you're interested in learning more about why I started the company and more importantly, why we exist today - inspired in large part by the struggles my father faced trying to end world hunger - here's a link to a very personal CEO letter at www.OO.com/ceo.You can also find more about Next Jump's 18 year history, a timeline on our growth at www.OO.com/origins.WE NEED YOUR HELP500,000 people have shopped, helped us raise $1 million, and helped further education for 130,000 children to date. We want to increase the impact ten times and need your help to do this.There is no better way to shop as we GIVE to educate children and you SAVE on everything you buy. By the way, our data shows the average shopper saves $1400 per year!The best part of starting all your shopping at OO.com is the largest selection and the best prices. There are over 30,000 merchants, covering every major retail brand, and you get prices that are better than retail. Every purchase includes discounts & deals in the market PLUS rewards you with WOWPoints, the currency we spent 10 years building (as valuable and flexible as cash) where 1 WOWPoint = $0.01.We need the help of every single person reading this to help us spread the word. Tell your friends, family, coworkers, fellow teachers about how they can support classroom projects by shopping on OO.com. Use Twitter, use Facebook, use word of mouth.We need your help to get the word out. Next time you or someone you know eats, travels or shops...tell them to "OO-it".Charlie KimFounder & CEOOO.com, a Next Jump companyTwitter: @charlieykim

Charlie Kim

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