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Hammers, Nails, and Interns - oh, my!


It’s been a busy past few weeks for interns in all departments. Just mere weeks from the annual back-to-school rush, we’re working hard to make sure all systems are ready to go. Jade is perusing the photos on our site to ensure our teachers and students are safely represented in an educational (and not eHarmony) sort of way. Marie, meanwhile, is “analyzing usability testing videos.” We’re not sure exactly what that means, but she claims it will make the site easier to use! Janice wowed the entire Vendor Relations and Fulfillment Team with a superb special request projects presentation, and CJ is channeling his inner-teacher and assembling Report Cards for all of our vendors.We also spent some time this week on a very different type of “team building” project – building furniture! In the end, despite enduring jokes tossed our way like “How many interns does it take to put together a shelf?” and hiccups such as upside down cabinet doors, we surprised everyone by producing some respectable furniture!

Ben, developing his gameplan

Janice, Jade, Danielle, and an adorably-sized hammer

We’ll leave you with a haiku in honor of the fast approaching fall:

Almost back to school

Get those project requests in

Make your students smile!

-Alexandra, Amani, Ben, CJ, Clare, Danielle, Jade, Janice, Lisa, and Marie

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