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Happy Birthday, Adam Lambert!


Adam Lambert fans have already given a quarter million dollars to arts and music projects on DonorsChoose.org—and they are at it again! Adam’s birthday is today (January 29, 2010) and since he is turning 28, many of his fans and fan groups are encouraging members to give $28 (or more!) on this special Happy Birthday GivingPage.Fans are also leaving birthday messages for Adam in their post-donation comments, like this donor: Taliesin_Girl from West Hollywood, CA; "I gave in response to Adam Lambert's request that his fans give to charity rather than give him gifts for his birthday. Happy birthday Adam!"Adam Lambert has encouraged his fans several times this past year to give to schools on DonorsChoose.org in lieu of gifts for him. Thank you for all who continue to help students across the country get the resources they need to learn—or to thrive in music and theater, like Adam!

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