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Help needed in Moore, Oklahoma


Yesterday, a tornado hit the city of Moore, Oklahoma. Southgate Rippetoe Elementary School was severely damaged.We are working closely with Moore Public Schools and teachers at Southgate Rippetoe on their road to recovery. Teachers urgently need books, pencils, classroom furniture, and therapy resources to finish up the 9 weeks left of the school year.Here are some ways you can help today:1.Make a donation to support Southgate Rippetoe Elementary at https://www.donorschoose.org/help-moore2. Ask your friends and family to join the movement. Use the below language to share the Giving Page through social media:

Facebook/Google+/LinkedIn: Help students and teachers in Moore, OK that were hit by yesterday’s tornado! Visit donorschoose.org/help-moore to support these classrooms.

Twitter: A tornado destroyed 25 classrooms in Moore, OK yesterday. Help Moore teachers rebuild at donorschoose.org/help-moore

We will continue to keep you updated on our work at Southgate Rippetoe Elementary and in Moore, OK. Thanks for showing your support to these teachers!

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