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Lakeshore Learning is committed to instilling a sense of wonder and fostering a lifelong love of learning through their quality materials and resources for teachers and parents.  Recently, Lakeshore debuted new STEM materials to further enhance the resources available to teachers and the learning opportunities available to students.Their Alarm Your Pencil Box STEM Learning Lab provides step-by-step activities that culminate in an in-depth engineering activity to create a pencil box alarm.  Teachers on DonorsChoose.org are requesting this product because they know that it is through hands-on learning that students will be able to “grapple with a problem and gain higher-order thinking skills.”  Another teacher is using the Lakeshore STEM Science Station Sink or Float Kit to provide independent, hands-on learning opportunities to empower students.To celebrate their ongoing commitment to STEM education and supporting teachers, Lakeshore Learning is supporting a Double Your Impact campaign on DonorsChoose.org.  Through this campaign, Lakeshore Learning will fund 50% of eligible projects if someone like you provides the remainder!Want to bring these awesome resources to your classroom?  Post a project with a total cost of up to $500 (roughly $350 in materials) requesting STEM materials from Lakeshore Learning.  One project per teacher will be eligible.   Post a project as soon as possible to have the greatest chance of qualifying for this generous funding!Check out the Lakeshore Learning Giving Page for ideas and to see if any projects speak to you!

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